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The mission of the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland is to reduce hunger in our community by providing food and linkages to other vital services for hungry people, especially children and families by actively participating in a coordinated response to people in need.

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Help make a place for everyone at our table. A place at the table means access – access to nourishment, wellness and community.

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In Memoriam



We are deeply saddened to announce that Hunger Network Executive Director, Dana Irribarren, passed away on Wednesday, October 14th. Dana’s incredible strength and endless compassion, spirit and energy were the driving force behind Hunger Network’s mission of service to all those in need. 
As founding Executive Director, Dana devoted her life to uplifting our city’s underserved by her great vision and huge heart.  Her life’s passion and leadership were dedicated to disrupting the root causes of poverty, hunger and health.  Under her direction, the organization grew from a small network of eight pantries into a countywide operation. 
For three decades, Dana fought to bridge the divide between what she saw as Cleveland’s two cities: those benefiting in the prosperity of our society and those caught in a cycle of inequality. Her lasting contribution to all of us is the Hunger Network, an organization that serves thousands every day from nearly 100 locations.  
Our city, county and world are immeasurably better because of Dana.
We extend our thoughts and prayers to her beloved family who stood by her side through this journey.