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The past 2 years in Cleveland, OH are ones for the record books with national recognition and positive changes.  And, as we celebrate our many achievements, we strive to continue improvements to further strengthen and nourish our community.
The Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland believes that everyone deserves a place at our table, and we make sure that every Clevelander gets one.  Specifically, we help our neighbors who are hungry and need additional health services.  Far too many individuals within our communities are in need, and now is the time to involve your support.
“If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” - Mother Teresa
Some 257,000 people across Cuyahoga County are hungry, and 31% of the people we serve are children.  Many families are enrolled in SNAP (food stamps) benefits, but that is not enough. The Hunger Network is here offering additional nutritious foods and other linkages to vital services.
We strive to make a place at our table for everyone; a place at our table means access - access to nourishment, wellness, and community.  By making a donation to Hunger Network, you will provide needed resources to help your most vulnerable neighbors.
There are simply too many hungry people in Cuyahoga County – at least one in five people and 31% of those are children. We find this unacceptable, and that is why we are reaching out to you. Food meets a basic need that many take for granted.  Imagine that you are not sure where you will get the next meal for you and your family.  Our mission is to ensure that hungry Clevelanders have access to nutritious food and wellness through our network. 
The Hunger Network leverages every dollar raised to provide four meals served with care in our hunger centers.  We are the largest provider of emergency food in Cuyahoga County, placing food directly into the hands of those who need it most. We ask that you be at the table with us and our food-insecure neighbors by supporting the HNGC.
Please open your hearts and consider making a contribution to Hunger Network.  Click here to help nourish your neighbors today.

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