Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer joined the Hunger Network Team in May of 2016.
She currently resides in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland.
Jennifer holds a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education from the University of Maryland at College Park, and is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).


She enjoys working for the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland because:

“As Chief Executive Officer for the Hunger Network, I strive to create and lead a strong and compassionate organization so that we can best help Cuyahoga County residents have access to the emergency food they need.”


Jennifer’s favorite way to spend a weekend is:

“I love to spend the weekend with friends and family doing just about anything! Matinees are great, Tribe games, or on a beautiful patio somewhere.  Better still to add a road trip!”


Did you know?

Jennifer's name is derived from the Cornish and Welsh name Guinevere!


216.619.8155 ext. 11

Follow Jennifer on Twitter @ HNGCJennifer

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