*Photography by James Douglas & graphic design by Chris Jasinski

We are the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland


Every day 1,929 volunteers provide #homecookedhealing across Cuyahoga County.
They heal our neighbors with food, medical care, empathy, and dignity. A home away from home, where everyone has a place at our table


This year, we need to make our table bigger. That’s where you come in.
Your generous donation to the Hunger Network, provides health screenings and nutritious meals.


Many of our volunteers and supporters have received our services, and day after day, they pay it forward. That’s why we’re special.
This year, do as they do and give as if you are the one to receive. 


This year, none of your neighbors should go a day without food.  Not in your community.  Not on your watch. You can make sure
that everyone in Cuyahoga County has a place at the table.